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Wholesale Lumber

Botkin Lumber purchases large volumes of Southern Yellow Pine Dimension Lumber to utilize in our production facilities, and to supply to our customers. We can fill your lumber requirements in all dimensions and grades of SYP material.

Pallet Cut Stock

Botkin produces large volumes of Pallet Cut Stock from SYP. We understand the unique requirements of Machine Nailing, HT Debarked material, and Export regulations for shipping products internationally. Our capabilities include multiple truckload volumes of deck lumber, stringers, and blocks. Our automated equipment lines and auto-stackers help reduce cost and provide competitive prices.

Wholesale Pallets

Botkin specializes in understanding the specifications of our customers and can customize pallet production to meet your requirements.

Crates and Boxes

Botkin has 25 years of experience in manufacturing Crates and Boxes that meet complex Military and Government specifications. Products/Lumber Products/Crates-and-Boxes/ Products/Pallets